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Manage your own books

You do not need to make a list of what books you have and what you have read.

You can manage your book by various criteria such as reading status and category. You can manage your borrowed books or borrowed books, and you can also manage the list of books you want to read. Whether you have borrowed it or read it, you can see a list of the books you read in my hand.

Barcode recognition

You do not need to enter any book information. If you recognize a book’s barcode or search for a book title or author, you can automatically import book information such as title, author, publisher, price, and register it in your library

Reading Note

You do not have to underline or re-organize your notes.

You can enter the underlined text as text in the BookTree app, or you can easily record your pictures. I may record my thoughts. You can collect book-by-book notes, or view all notes in one place. Shake your iPhone and find a random note.

Reading statistics and goal management

You do not need to remember or read what books you read.

If you record only the date that you read after reading the book, you can see the statistics and book list of which books you read and which books you read. You can set the number of target readings per year and month, and you can see the number of readings or the number of readings in relation to the target in the app badge.

Wonderful ✭✭✭✭✭
Thank you for the nice app book managing.


Best book management DB application✭✭✭✭✭
I have compared almost all similar apps such as book swing, ireaditnow, and walking, and this app is the best. It is possible to manage the DB by distinguishing all whether the book is owned (to the borrowed book), the form (paper, electronic, etc.) and read it.


My favorite reading app ✭✭✭✭✭
Thank you for reflecting my suggestions.This app is useful for me.


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