What’s New


Version 1.5.8

released on 12 November 2018

  • Added passcode to lock the App. It supports to unlock with Touch ID or Face ID too. (User suggested)
  • Added book sort option by date (User suggested)
  • Fixed the crash issue that if email is not set on the device when the Send Suggestion button is tapped (User suggested)
  • Added Send Suggestion form if email is not set on the device
  • iOS 12, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR compatible
  • Minor design and feature improvements


Version 1.5.7

released on 15 September 2018

  • Added feature to sort book by added date
  • Added feature to sort book by read date
  • Added feature for descending / ascending option when sorting book
  • Added feature to evaluate the book rating by half star
  • Improve star rating’s look and feel
  • Added feature to sedning URL on Online Book Information View
  • Fixed the problem that the next page can not be moved when searching online book on iPhone X
  • Small improvements


Version 1.5.6

released on 10 August 2018

  • Add homepage, what’s new and help page link to About app
  • Fixed bug in Help WebView
  • iPhone X optimization for the category management screen


Version 1.5.5

released on 3 June 2018

  • Increased lines of memo displayed on memo details (user suggestion)
  • Change default memo view mode to full view (user suggestion)
  • Add a selection option that allows you to see all or part of the memo details in memo list


Version 1.5.4

released on 11 May 2018

  • Added memo details view (apply user suggestion)
  • Added to close photo with swiping down photo or tapping the close button to easily close photo
  • Added to apply the larger text size set on the device (applies to memo only)
  • Added author names when sharing notes and books with SNS
  • Enhance memo visibility on memo list
  • Enhance book cover visibility (apply user suggestion)
  • Fixed crashes in iOS 9.0 (apply user suggestion)
  • Fixed text hide when inputting memo in book details in iOS 11
  • Fixed memo is truncated in the book detail (apply user suggestion)


Version 1.5.3

release on 12 Mar 2018

  • Improved changing my bookshelf by tapping title at the top
  • Improved badge app icon feature to display the number of books you are reading
  • Improved checking of camera and photo library permissions when take photo or load photo library for memo or book cover
  • Fixed bug where category was not saved when saving new book via barcode sacnning or online searching